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Makeup Returns? Buying Feminie Hygene Products?

Girls, (and, um, possibly some guys) how do you feel about returning makeup? I am refering to stores that allow such returns, obviously. Even with makeup being slightly pricey, I still feel slightly guilty/embarrased to return a tube of lipstick or some eyeshadow because it makes me look garrish.

Guys, how do you feel when your lady asks you to buy her some feminie products? I once saw a comedian make a great point - he says he is proud to walk through a store with a box of Tampax tucked under his arm because it means A) he has a woman and B) they're not having a kid! However, I have, in the past, been embarrased to get them for myself. Especially the time the cashier was hitting on me.

Bonus! (just for the chicas and cross dressers) Recommend a mascara that won't give me raccoon eyes by the end of a busy work shift.
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