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Two questions

1. Now, if a country's laws state that you may not import or export pornography, how exactly is pornography defined (this is assuming a definition cannot be found in the official canon of the law)? Does that include erotic toys (vibrators, dildos, etc.?), representations of sexual organs (i.e, penis candles or erotic toothbrushes, etc.), drawings of Kama Sutra positions, or does it just include videos/magazines of naked people?

2. This one's for the girls. I'm currently staying with relatives, and for some reason, the only room in the apartment that has a garbage can is in the kitchen. My period's coming up next week, and I'll need somewhere in the bathroom to dispose of feminine hygiene products. I'm not sure how they do it, since there are three women of menstrual-period age in the house, with no garbage can in the bathroom. What should I do, since I don't want to dispose of pads in the kitchen (also it's a small garbage can, not one of those big barrel ones)? Should I buy them a garbage can for the bathroom? What should be the course of action?

Thanks folks.
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