Lynette (lynbug) wrote in thequestionclub,

Question about eating disorders

Either way, I don't have an eating disorder, or anything close to one. I loves me some big mac sauce :P However, I have had a few questions about eating disorders, anorexia specifically. A 'friend' has recently revealed that she's battled anorexia, plus the media influence and whatnot. That's what sparked it.

Anyways. If a person is anorexic for a while, do they have to re-introduce food slowly to their body, or can (if they wanted to) they go back to eating normally?

Would a person suffer any long last problems if they just ate the bare minimum of food they could handle for a month, then went back to eating normally?

Would it not shock the hell out of your system to just drastically reduce your calorie intake, or do they have to slowly decrease their eating?

Does it take them a long time to lose weight, or is it pretty quick? I know you have to eat a minimum amount of calories to keep your metabolism going..

If a person is on the internet whining about things being triggering, should they just NOT go on the internet? I think so..there are so many things in society that could be considered triggering, they'll be exposed to that material no matter how hard they try.

So that's it for my questions. I didn't want to go join an ED community because they kind of scare me. I figured people around here would know stuff :) I also don't mean to offend anyone by things I may have said/not said, but I was curious *shrug*
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