Somewhere between unsure and a hundred. (liagibba) wrote in thequestionclub,
Somewhere between unsure and a hundred.

Anyone up for a dream interpretation?

Last night I had the weirdest dream...

I dreamt that while I was in a coma I was pregnant, but for some reason I didn't know that I was pregnant before I went into the coma. When I woke up, presumably over 9 months later, I had a baby to take care of. It was a boy, and fathered by one of my nicer (young, kinda cute) customers (I'm a bank teller). He didn't seem affected by it either way, and I had to take care of the baby by myself. I remember the first thing I wanted to do was get some formua b/c the baby was really hungry and I didn't think I could breastfeed b/c I had been in the coma during the whole pregnancy. My Mom was kinda helping, but for the most part I was on my own. I went to sleep one night and woke up and the baby was now a kitten. Weird.

In real life: I don't have any kids and lack any desire to have any soon. My boyfriend lives in Oregon and I'm in Michigan presently. Pregnancy scares to crap out of me most times and taking care of another living human being seems overwhelming right now. I do love cats, and I have one of my own :)
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