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1. How do you feel about expiration dates on food? Do you pay attention to them? Would you eat something after the expiration or "best by" date was gone?

2. I'm starting college soon, and I am trying to figure out what to bring. What things are must haves, or things that people tend to forget? Anything that I shouldn't bring, besides stuff the college says not to. (I'm very obsessive with things like this, so I'm trying to make sure I'll have everything I need, and avoid things I won't that end up taking space.)

3. Do you ever feel nervous about posting in communities?

4. How do you feel about chatspeak? Lol, rofl, u, r, and so on.

1. I'm usually really picky, and won't eat anything the day before the expiration date or any time after. I'm getting less picky since money is tight, but I still have my moments. My dad thinks it's stupid, and he'll eat anything even if it's been sitting there for ages.

3. I do, totally. I'm nervous right now. It's usually only the first post for me, though. I tend to worry and get paranoid about the smallest things though. I sure hope I'm not the only one.

4. I hate it. I use some things, like brb when I'm in a hurry. I never use lol, or u, r, c instead of words. I used to avoid people that used it, but since a lot of my friends do, both real life ones and online, I've stopped letting it bug me. Though, it still annoys me with strangers, especially if they're using letters instead of words. x: I'll tell the person about it if I don't know them, but if they're a friend I just let it slide. I'm a hypocrite on this matter, I think.
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