sobek (jennilee) wrote in thequestionclub,

I was going to make this into a meme for my flist somehow, but it just didn't happen.

How ghetto are you?

Any amusing anecdotes involving innovation and cleverness or just pure luck on your part are welcome! Realize that this is not a pity party nor a competition; I want to read how you get around not having money to buy the best and perhaps have a few chuckles in the process.

My family's first colour TV was first spotted by my then 10 year old brother on the way home. He said, "Dad! STOP THE CAR! THERE'S A TV!" This TV, of course, was on top of a pile of garbage. Oh, did I not mention that we were taking a shortcut through a residential alley?

My dad didn't want to stop. If it's in the garbage it probably doesn't work, he logically said. Well, shows how much he knew. My brothers were able to convince him to stop and we hauled that huge TV (okay, like 15 inches) into the back of the truck.

Suffice it to say we were able to get it working. Seriously, there's nothing a little electrical tape and a wire won't fix. Bunny ears? Psssh. Yes, we still have that TV. =)

Hmm, what else. Our first ghetto ping-pong table was a couple sheets of drywall and a 2x4 for the net. But we had real paddles. XP
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