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Title of this book?

Here's the thing:

I have 5 excerpts from a book, and no idea what the book's title is or who the author is. I think I didn't list the title or author because I assumed I would remember them. Since that failed spectacularly, I thought I'd give it a shot here. I know Amazon has that "search within the book" function, but nothing I've searched has turned up anything.

These should pretty much be verbatim to the book.

Excerpt 1
He did favors for a living – favors with paybacks. He was a free agent brokering information to all comers, a guy with a lot of nerve and a lot of connections. There were some things that money couldn’t buy, and he always seemed to know how to get them.

Excerpt 2
One good thing about always getting in trouble was that he had learned how to deal with it. He had learned to plead ignorance, to blame someone else, to run for the door and not look back. He could talk his way out of anything. It was a gift. But right now, the room was too quiet. He disliked silence. He worried about the things that grew there, the conclusions people came to, the decisions they made. He needed sound and motion to operate, to work his web of magic.

Excerpt 3
She scooped up his heart-patterned boxers from the pile of warm clothes on top of the dryer. “I like valentines. What do you think, Brenda?” she said, tossing them over.

Brenda snagged the boxers in midair like a cat batting at a bird. “Not bad.” She pitched them back to her.

“Not every man can get away with underwear like this, Val,” said she said, smoothing the boxers flat on the table. “You must have a great deal of self-confidence.”

“Less and less all the time.”

Excerpt 4
The sky was a vast dome strewn with stars, the spilled milk of the Milky Way. He flicked gently at a starfish, sent it spinning, a compass searching for true north.

Excerpt 5

“You knew I would be in the laundry room. How did you know that?”

“Maybe I saw you go down there.”

“No one saw me go down there.”

“You notice things like that too – who sees you, who doesn’t? Minor things for the rest of us, stuff we wouldn’t notice or care about.”

“I like to keep my mind active.”

“So do I,” she said. “It’s Saturday night. Nobody in this apartment building is going to waste a Saturday night doing laundry, nobody but you. That way you’re guaranteed your privacy.” She smiled. “That’s how I knew you would be down there.”

“I better be careful around you then.”

“Too late.”

What I do recall (vaguely) is that the book was found in the ficion section, the main character's name was Valentine? Valentino? Something like that, and the author's first name reminds me of the name Robert. It might even be Robert, but I really have no idea. And I'm fairly sure his surname started with a letter in the first half of the alphabet (before m and n). The book was not romance, I think it was mystery/suspense/action, that sort of thing. The title is some variation of "Icebreaker" "Heartbreaker" "Fire and Ice" -- something like that. But that's all vague, nothing is for certain, and all I have to go on. Title? Author? Will be SO grateful.
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