Cantras (starlitsiren) wrote in thequestionclub,

okay, another postsecret request.
and this time i tried to google image search for them.
one, with trees, it says something like "I believe that when I sing, the breeze blows harder in applause. I CONTROL THE WIND."

two, has a woman sitting or reclining shadowy in the background. "I wanted the disease to be my punishment. He kept going, and I didn't tell him that the condom broke."

I dreamt that I was having sex with my brother. like, multiple occasions. I am not attracted to my brother, I'm pretty sure he's gay. in the dream, my dream self realised what exactly was going on and said "but it's not incest! we're just horny at the came time!"... later in the dream, little brother magically became carlson from Fresh Prince of Bel-air(sp)... who did not want to continue this becuase he was married... person he was married to was not someone from the show, but I knew in the dream that she was also blood related to him.
What the *hell* is any of that supposed to mean?
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