name (overandoverture) wrote in thequestionclub,

i watched a porn the other day with a couple friends (bored like woah) and i dont remember what it was called. it was a full-length movie. i remember it took place at a large mansion/estate owned by a woman named felicity. on the door was an insignia of sorts. it was two mermaids with the word "SIN" in between, though a maid that looked like lisa marie presley said it was S|N (just a line seperating two letters). there was a sort of "geeky" couple and a redheaded photographer (woman). the movie started with a couple cruising in a red sports car, pulling off to the side of the road, and having their way with one another. the people were all lured because it was said they had inherited something from this woman (felicity) who had supposedly died. once they got there, everyone starting having sex with everyone and found out in the end that felicity was alive and filming them. she said she brought them so could recruit a new "felicity" and run away with her lover/butler/fellow pornstar.
i remember a lot, i just missed most of the middle of it and, honestly, i enjoyed the plot and wouldnt mind watching the movie again sometime.
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