Annie (lordindra) wrote in thequestionclub,

Dissolving dirt?

Ok, I'm working on removing a stump. It has a ridiculously complicated and dense network of roots, and currently blasting dirt away with water is helping...

But I was wondering if there is any chemical, either on its own or easily added to water, can help dissolve dirt better so I don't have a fifteen gallon puddle with big clumps of mud that caught betweeh roots. Said chemical must be safe to use outside- at least some of it would drain into the ground, so that would obviously restrict what chemicals I can use. Obviously, it also has to be reasonably easy and safe for me to handle as well. Delivery would be a power washer.

Basically, I want a good, thin mud. Or even a more dense carryier liquid to cause some of the mud to float on top rather than sink to the bottom and plug things up. Either would work to get the mud down to the bottom so it can be shoveled out of the way efficiently.

So, any chemicals that can do the job without being problmatic for the environment? I'll stick with water if not...
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