Connie (twofishsquished) wrote in thequestionclub,

I know I just asked a question, but this one is completely unrelated, so I'm making a new post. :)

My friend and I are having a grand ol' time exhanging riddles and I'm running out and I want to give him my favorite riddle but I'm having a hard time thinking of it! So..:P

What is your favorite/hardest riddle?

Anywhere from:

"What is great than God, worse than the devil, the poor men have it and if you eat it, you die."
"How far can a dog run into a forest?"

How about favorite/hardest logic puzzle?

"A farmer has a fox, a rabbit, and a bag of grain. He runs into a river and the boat says can only fit with one of the items. How does he get all of them across?"

Any other puzzles in general that you'd like to share?
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