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Random questions

Hey folks, haven't been around much since I've been travelling parts of Europe. And as such, I bring these questions that need answering.

1. What's Europeans' obsession with carbonated water? I know in Canada at least, if you want carbonated water, you have to ask for it specifically, even then not everywhere has it, and if you ask for just "water" in a restaurant, they assume it's the regular kind. While in Europe, in every country here I've been to (the eight that I've been to), they always need to clarify whether you want carbonated water or still water. So what's the deal with that?

2. Passports and entry/exit stamps. Someone explain this to me. I've currently got six entry stamps (to four different countries, one of them three times), but no corresponding exit stamps. So as far as my passport is concerned, I've entered Latvia three times, in three different places (northern border, southern border, main airport), without leaving. I've also entered the UK, Estonia and Lithuania, and haven't left, as far as my passport is concerned. I'm a Canadian citizen, so it's not a case of since they're all EU I don't get stamps, since they always stamped the non-EU passports upon entering. When I travelled to Italy last summer, I got a stamp upon arriving and one upon leaving (both through airports), but I haven't had that happen so far. Maybe it's how I've travelled?

The way my travel worked: Flew from Toronto to London Gatwick. Got a stamp. A few days later departed from London Heathrow for Riga, Latvia. Got stamp upon arrival in Riga. Two weeks later, took a bus to Vilnius, Lithuania. Got Lithuania stamp upon crossing border. Got Latvian stamp again upon returning to Latvia by bus. Took bus to Tallinn, Estonia, got Estonia stamp upon crossing border. Returned to Latvia again by bus today, got Latvian entry stamp for third time. So what I'm wondering... will I ever get any exit stamps? Will I only get exit stamps for Latvia when I depart by plane on the 30th, and get my UK exit stamp when I depart for Canada?

3. According to the friend I was travelling with for awhile, movies in Germany are always dubbed into German, regardless of the original language, no subtitles to speak of. We went to see a movie (Kingdom of Heaven) in Lithuania, and it was in the original English with Lithuanian subtitles. What's it like in other countries around the world?
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