really_living (really_living) wrote in thequestionclub,

Very random questions...

1. My cat is going blind. He's turning twelve on July 4th. Does anyone have any personal advice on taking care of a blind cat? He will still be able to get around the apartment, but he has trouble climbing furniture and stuff like that. It's really painful to watch.

2. If you are sitting in an office or at home or anywhere near a window at the moment, what's your view like?

3. What days are your weekend where you live?

4. What's your favorite light bulb watt to use for lamps and such in your office/at home? What kind of bulbs do you prefer (white, transparent, yellow, some odd color like purple, etc...)?

5. What's your favorite hot drink?

1. --

2. I have a view of the Nile. I'm waaaay too spoiled, since I'm only doing summer hire work. I can't beileve they gave me (a 19-year-old college student loser) my own office. Unfortunately, there's a spider blocking my view, and I'm too pathetically frightened to kill it.

3. Friday and Saturday, but technically there are six days of the week here, and only one day for the 'weekend' (Friday).

4. Watt-anything weak
Color- anything that gives off a yellow glow

5. Tea or apple cider.

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