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Okay, please nobody bite me for asking this's a bit of a delicate topic so I'm going to put it behind a cut. If you don't want to know what it's about please don't click it.

This is something I've been wondering for a while, but my knowledge on the subject isn't exactly vast. We all know that many unfortunate females in our country and in the world get raped. We hear about it on the news and read it in the papers all the time. However, I know that there are males in the world that get raped, too. I don't know if the frequency is less, or the same, or what have you. But why is it that we never seem to hear about those crimes? Rape is wrong in any and every form, regardless of the victim's gender. But why is it that people hear more about female rapes than male rapes? Why do cases of male rape get seemingly swept under the proverbial carpet?

I'm really trying not to offend anybody when I ask this, but it's something I've always wondered. If any of my statements or assumptions are wrong, please tell me and don't shoot me.
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