Rebecca--mais oui! (rawbery79) wrote in thequestionclub,
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My mom is away on a trip, and will be back tomorrow.

I washed my car today, and while vacuuming it out, I noticed that both of her cars could stand to be washed as well. She left me some money, but I know where she keeps some quarters, which would be eaisier in this case. I am also going to make her homemade bread so she doesn't have to, and clean my room (god, I sound 15, but I'm 25, I swear...). I did drive one of her cars about 60 miles instead of putting gas in my car, and because her A/C works better...

Okay, I'm rambling. Do you think it would be bad of me to take some quarters to go wash her cars? I'm fairly positive that she would get them from the same spot she has them stashed were she to wash them herself. And it would be $2, tops, out of a Pringles can FULL of quarters, to wash her cars.
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