steph (stephanever) wrote in thequestionclub,

How can I get my mother to make my brother grow up?

He is the most immature person I know. If he doesn't get his own way, he will stomp and cry and slam doors. If I dare knock on his door and ask for something, i.e. "Can I borrow this DVD?" he will grunt yes at me and then tell me to get out. He is only nice to me when he wants something and then he is my BEST PAL. If I'm talking to my mum about something, he will come downstairs and make random remarks about how stupid I am or whatever and then leave. Just for no reason. He works a WHOPPING 8 hours a WEEK and doesn't leave the house the rest of the week. If he runs out of money, he asks my mum for some and she gives it to him. Or he'll start a new credit card. He's impatient to the point where his XBox broke and he went out that day and bought a new one with a new credit card because he couldn't wait three days until he got paid. He is also too scared to do things alone [he asks my mum to post things for him because he doesn't "know how to use the post office"].
He's starting to piss me off and I think the main problem is that my mum allows him to act like a big baby. Even our other family members have mentioned to me that she treats him like a child! I'm embarrassed on her behalf.
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