Nadia (anarkya) wrote in thequestionclub,

Sorry for posting this, I usually like to ask random questions but we're too confused and we need to know your opinion..

My good friend met this guy online and she's been talking to him for 3 weeks now, everyday (I've known the guy for 4 years he's sweet but a bit off the track sometimes but still very caring and interresting)
They plan to meet in about two week at a party i'm planning and as the date approaches, they feel closer and plan to date..

Tonight they were talking about food and how much they would like to go on a date in a nice restaurant, my friend told her she wanted to try everything food wise at least once in her life, to what he said "ok i'd like to try anal sex i never have before"

They talked about cuddling and kissing before but they never talked about sex, when he tried to last night, she told him it was too early and that she wanted to wait after they meet to do so.
She told him that she didn't mind talking about sex, but that it was too early to what he said "ok im sorry wasnt trying to offend or upset you just was making a statement"

so TQC, What was he trying to say?
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