Cantras (starlitsiren) wrote in thequestionclub,

You have two friends who are pathological liars.

Friend one tells unconvincing stories that you could care less about. examples include a girlfriend in africa, excessive practise with swords, and being the lone escapee when the government burned down the compound that housed the top secret experiment he was in.

Friend two tells more convincing stories that are actually interesting. examples include getting the highschool network admin to quit in frustration, sexual adventures with past girlfriends, and his rank in the military.

Friend one, it's annoying, but you can separate his fantasy land from real life. and if he tries to bring them together- like in a fake sword fight- you can really see how much he's bullshitting.
Friend two, it's more interesting, but you never have any idea whether he's telling the truth or not. He sucked at lying when he was younger, but now anything that I mentioned above might actually be true or based in truth.

Which friend are you more likely to hang out with?
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