Betty Fucking Crocker, M.D. (xunforgivenx) wrote in thequestionclub,
Betty Fucking Crocker, M.D.

Hypothetical question

Lets say your husband was on a mission, and while on that mission, drank from the fountian of 'forgetfullness' and forgot everything, including the diplomatic mission of peace he was on, along with you, his beautiful wife.

Drinking from the fountian your husband was seduced by the beautiful queen of the land, who told him that he was her husband and king of all the land. All while bumping uglies.

After his faithful servant told him what had happened and the forgetfullness wore off he returned to you, his wife and saved the day.

The question is this:
Would you (the wife) be pissed as hell that he slept with another women, even if he lost all his memory?


Would this be considered cheating?

What would youu (the viewer at home) do?
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