Nikki (thorntoeachrose) wrote in thequestionclub,

Can you handle it??

What are some of your wierdest, grossest, habits?

My answers....

*I exfoliate my butt crack with an exfoliating sponge and exfoliating body wash if we have it. I can't stand dirty butts. ew.

*I don't like hair (on my own body). I shave, wax, or use depilatory cream on almost every part of my body. I've been shaving my arms for over 4 years now.

*I'm obsessed with the new Listerine whitening mouthwash, followed by Arm & Hammer enamel care toothpaste. I also was using that Crest, (or Colgate-can't remember) new one without acohol, but now I can't find my bottle :(. Gross teeth gross me out. *blech*

*I exfoliate my underarms, too, because I read somewhere that you don't sweat as much if you skin is exfoliated because it absorbs the deoderant better or something like that.

*I'm obsessed with clean hair, sometimes. And soft hair. I can't stand the feeling of too much product. ew.

*I have to have color in my skin all year round. I'm a self tanning expert. haha

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