Lynette (lynbug) wrote in thequestionclub,

Red Square

1. Has anyone been to the bar/club Red Square in St. Catherine's? More specifically on a Saturday it really busy? I'm going there tomorrow for a fashion show :/

2. Do you ever just not get words right? For example, there's a band called Reliant K (or something), and for the longest time I said it like "Rel-yant K".

3. Is there anything I can take to help with the PMS moodiness? I don't get cramps or anything, but for 2 days I just want to cry, no matter where I am or the situation.

4. Do you like my new icon? haha

5. If you work VIA phone (i.e. call centre), are there any states where you just find people are really rude? The rudest people I've ever dealt with are from the 718 area code. (And I know that not EVERYONE there is mean, and I've talked to nice people from there also, but the meanest people have been from the 718 area code.. I keep track :/ )
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