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Reflecting on a past relationship.


You're dating someone and your educational backgrounds aren't the same. Let's say (for example) that you have a four-year degree and your partner has a GED.

Would that matter to you? Superficially or deep down? What about if it REALLY bothered your partner that you're more educated than he/she is? Why? Would you date someone who had a lot more or a lot less education than you do? Why or why not?

I was in this situation not too long ago. We broke up (for other reasons) a few months ago. It NEVER bothered me that he had his GED and I had a BA. But, when I talked to a friend of mine last night, it hit me that what REALLY bothered me was that he'd bring it up sometimes. Tell me stuff like, "I can't believe someone as smart as you is with someone like me." And I realized, also, that our educational differences would've NEVER crossed my mind if they hadn't bothered him so much. So that always drove me up a damn wall with him (one of the many things that drove me up a damn wall about him, come to think of it).
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