silent_filmstar (silent_filmstar) wrote in thequestionclub,

I have been sick for the past three weeks and I think it's about time to go to the doctors. Lately, my throat has been hurting ALOT and I have no apetite whatsoever. I puke all the time. Today I woke up and felt like the insides of my throat were swollen. So I think I will go to the doctors. The problem is, my mom doesn't think that I need to and keeps giving me these mystery pills. Of course I don't take them because they're perscribed for someone else. I'm going to schedule an appointment.

My question is, I have been smoking a lot of weed this past weekend. Would there be anyway that the doctor would know, and if he did, would I get in trouble for it?

Another question:

I'll be going to another country in a few weeks. Is it possible for the security dogs in customs to smell weed off your clothes and skin if its been washed?
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