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Do Picture Galleries even exist anymore?

Quick question for anyone who's a bit more savvy w/ web searches than I am.

I'm trying to locate some specific images to make some custom graphics/layouts for someone and I'm having trouble finding them.

Specifically I'm trying to locate a Spring of 1987 Vanity Fair photo spread featuring Sarah Brightman at the Paris Opera House (this was to promote the opening of POTO on Broadway I believe) as well as a Fall of 1994 Vanity Fair photo spread featuring Tom Cruise (to promote Interview With the Vampire.)

I'm at a slight disadvantage because I don't know what these pictures actually look like...but does anyone have any tips on where or how to search for these images?

I've already tried Google...but its near impossible to tell if I've found the right thing when I don't really know what I'm looking for...

Thanks very much in advance.
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