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I dropped my phone

I was in a hurry to get somewhere and my cellphone fell from my purse. It landed on the sidewalk and the battery pack in the rear popped out. (I have a Verizon LGVX6000, like Wil Weaton's).

I put the battery back in and the phone works...I can call people, nothing happened to my settings. The sides are a little scuffed and chipped from the impact. However, when I put it on the charger to charge, the little red light delays for two seconds before turning on. (My mom has the identical phone, I put her on the charger and the red light lights up instantly).

Maybe I'm being paranoid, but do I need to have my phone checked out or buy another model?

If I have to buy another phone, can I go to the Verizon Store, purchase the identical phone model, keep the same number and do it without telling my folks? (sicne they're paying for the service).

i don't mean to sound paranoid, but if it's broken in any way, I REALLY want to get it taken care of ASAP.
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