Cantras (starlitsiren) wrote in thequestionclub,

two questions:
1: what proof does alcohol have to be before you can put it in a standard home freezer without risking getting half-solid drinks everywhere when the bottle explodes?

2: Yanno how in car commercials, the car is always doing something fairly cool, and it says "Professional driver on closed course"?
How does one become that professional driver on the closed course?
Because oh, would I love that job.

Edit: okay, a new one, inspired in a roundabout way by reading the post I've missed over the past few days.
Apparently, it's about a two and a half week process to get your drivers license in the Bahamas. Lets say this Bahamian girl I know comes back to college from summer holiday and proceeds to go 110 down this "Hey, we cops will just sit here because it's a 25mph zone for no reason and it's down hill" section of road a few blocks from where we live.
Alternately, she does something less serious that she never learned in those two weeks... like she goes to take a left turn, the light turns yellow, and she pretty much just parks in the intersection instead of finishing on red. or she doesn't use her signal. whatever
Would the local police have the authority to confiscate her license, or make it null, or make her go through an american course, or anything else? I imagine it would depend on the situation.
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