They call me 'quiet', but I'm a riot. (starsareshibby) wrote in thequestionclub,
They call me 'quiet', but I'm a riot.

Sorry about the amount of questions. I sort of need quick answers.

1. At a wedding ceremony, what ring/ rings are supposed to be worn? Do you come in with the engagement ring on and then get the wedding band? Do the man and woman both exchange rings? Can you just have a wedding band and no engagement ring or other rings? I'm so clueless here and google is not getting through to me. And I'm looking for a minimum requirement without having no rings whatsoever. Can there just be an exchange of bands between the groom and bride?

2. How long does it take to have a ring engraved? How much does it generally cost? Are there any on-the-spot engraving services available that you know of? How much does that usually run?

3. Is there any way of getting undergraduate student loans without a co-singer and with no established credit history aside from Stafford and Perkins loans?

4. Is there a waiting period between marrying someone, divorcing them, and re-marrying the same person?

5. If you have been married before, is there any way for a future boyfriend/fiance/husband to find out if you want that kept a secret? I'm not planning on deceiving anyone here. I'm just curious about this one.

Thanks guys.

EDIT: The first few questions aren't for me and the last two are out of curiosity. I've been wondering #4 ever since I saw The Parent Trap. These aren't my plans!
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