Lady Bukowski (hammersickle) wrote in thequestionclub,
Lady Bukowski

new york's alright!

i'm going to the city (new york,) tomorrow to see rent on broadway. i want to also check out madame tussaud's, and take a walk in the park. i'll also be going into the villiage to check out my old stomping grounds. =)

this is a date for me and my new beau, it is the first time he's ever been to new york. (he's from a tiny hick town in pennsylvania.) where are some other places i can take him? the only thing that we're doing for certain is going to see rent, everything else is up in the air. what are the best parts of new york that you just can't miss? i want to show him the REAL city, not the bullshit drug busts he sees on the news. i've just never played the tourist game there, so i don't know what to even take him to.

as for our dinner...i was thinking i'd like to take him to the best restaurant in china town. so...what is the best restaurant in china town, and where can i find it?

help me plan my exciting itinerary, oh wise questionclub!
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