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Poll Results

This is in relation to my 'How females view other females' poll last week. The results are in. 102 women took my poll, and I think it was an interesting study. I only reported the choices with significant support

1. Females are _____

71 said they were full of bad and good
28 said they were prone to be jealous and overemotional

More than a quarter felt that women were marked by more negative traits than neutral or positive.

2. When you're introduced to a woman, your first initial reaction is ______

52 said neutrality
42 said they assumed she was nice
8 said they assumed she was a bitch

The majority had no negative influence when meeting another woman...

3. If she's prettier than you, does this change your reaction at all?

51 (half) said there would be no change in reaction
25 would dislike her more because of her looks
20 might be attracted to her

...unless she was attractive. A cool close-to-a-quarter of the women wouldn't like her as much if she was prettier than them. Close to a fifth of the women polled might then stop seeing her as competition and start seeing her as a possible romantic/sexual connection. I don't know what all of this says, but a girl could be really nice and sweet, and a lot of you would dislike her anyway. Only half of you remained unchanged in your opinion of her if she was attractive. Looks count for quite a bit, it seems, when women meet other women

4. Females are ______

74 said on a par with men for intelligence
21 said smarter than men

5. Most of your friends are ______

44 said an even amount of both
36 said male
22 said female

Of the 102 polled, only about a fifth chose to surround themselves with more women friends

6. You're more prone to trust _______

47 said all genders equally
36 said men
19 said women

For question 5, 66 women out of 102 had a fair amount of female friends in their lives, but only 19 said that they trust women more. 80 women said they had a fair amount of male friends, and 36 said they trusted men than women. Women seem to have more of a credibility factor or something, or maybe, contrary to popular opinion of men being pigs and all, men are more trustworthy.

7. If a man sleeps with more than one person in a week, he's ______

28 didn't think there was much to talk about. Things happen
21 thought he was a slut
21 thought he was a player
11 thought he was an asshole
19 assumed that there was a good reason why he did it

47 didn't think it was that big a deal. 53 thought worse of the man

8. If a woman sleeps with more than one person in a week, she's _____

40 thought she was a slut
32 thought there wasn't much to talk about. Things happen
25 assumed there was a good reason why she did it
2 thought she was a bitch

57 didn't think it was that big a deal. 42 thought less of the woman. Women seem to be less critical of other women's sexual habits than they are of men.

The results are now put aside. The question then, is, do you think that the poll results surprised you in any way, as far as the voting went? If someone wants to do a poll on how guys see other guys, they're welcome to it, but I don't think that it'll be that indicative of anything.
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