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In a post a long time ago we talked about teeth, and I mentioned how I had cavities in the top of my two front teeth and they made me afraid to smile. Well, I got dental insurance and have been going back to my dentist. I have at least one cavity in each tooth, and they have filled 7 total! I got one of the front teeth filled, my right side one and it looks so good!


You can see that I don't have that huge hole anymore!

What is music that relaxes you? I have a relaxation playlist for listening too when I am at the dentist, but I am in need of more music! Currently the playlist is mostly John Denver and Celtic Women.

What would you call your playlist? I named mine "Frankie Says RELAX" lol

What is something that you are really happy about lately? My current smile makes me really happy. And a boy likes me!

But on the flip side my teeth really hurt. I took some advil, but what should I do to fell better? I still can't move my lip.
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