The time that we kill keeps us alive (thetimeof_night) wrote in thequestionclub,
The time that we kill keeps us alive

For the Spring Semester, I'm moving out of my current dorm room at Western Michigan Uni, and will be living with one of two of my friends. I can't decide who though!

Dorm A: Henry
-Located on the main campus area.
-Connected to an alright cafe, via a closed in passageway. (We call it the 'Food Tube')
-Would-be roomie is smart, and in Calc2 with me.
-Roomie owns guitar hero.
-Roomie can be extremely cocky, and slobbish.
-Community Bathrooms, yuck.
-Most of my friends live about 10 minutes away, which means I would consistently be walking out to their dorm. (Dorm B)

Dorm B: Valley Dous!
-Great majority of my buddies live here.
-Everyone is very social and willing to leave doors open.
-Roomie is very cleanly, and chances are would even clean up mess I had made. (To an extent)
-Neighbor Dorm (less then a minute walk away) offers Late-Night Carry-Out meals, which I tend to eat often
-Really really really cute girl lives here who I would like to get to know better.
-Our own bathroom, shared between Roomie, two suitemates, and I.
-Dorm is kinda far away from classes, requiring me to get up about 15 minutes earlier then usual.
-Roomie is kinda loud, borderline obnoxious.
-Mystery Suitemates have access to my toiletries, and I might not get along with them.
-Smaller then Dorm A.

Thats all I can think of.
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