alaskanigloon (alaskanigloon) wrote in thequestionclub,

Three questions on this one everybody.

First, how come people are allowed to coach soccer if they don't know the rules?

Second, how do I get this girl out of my head? We broke up and since then I've been sleeping less because everytime that I do, I start having dreams about her, and most of the time they are bad. Any ideas?

Thirdly, how come AOL sucks SO BAD? We had a free account, and it somehow gave us two accounts (I don't know how) and when we called up to cancel, they canceled one, but not the other (the one we didn't know about). We got a bill next month, and called them, told them to cancel it and to give us a refund. They said ok, and instead billed us for the next month. Called back again, same thing. Went on for three more months like this (keep in mind we've never ever logged into that account. Finally they canceled it and refunded the charge (hopefully) this time. But why, oh why did we have to call them a dozen or so times to get it canceled?
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