✖ dream of californication (rabidfangirlism) wrote in thequestionclub,
✖ dream of californication

Have you ever been friends with someone that you absolutely worship, and then watch someone else say that YOU'RE way better at whatever you worship your friend for?

..this is an awkwardly-worded question. real-life base, aka example: me and a friend of mine both applied to the roleplay, but she got rejected after submissions, and i got accepted as-is. i have WORSHIPPED this girl since i met her for her roleplay, so it's wierd. i'm like "how did i get in and her not. o_0"

also: livejournal +mem feature. do you use it? did you? for what?

I just went back and deleted all the memories i had from 2006, because none of them are relevant anymore.

EDIT: i don't mean like 'shrine' and 'oh god bless me with your presence' worship, i mean like, i really look up to this person and admire their ability and would like to be as good as them.

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