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1. Why does this cure for hiccups work? My therapist taught it to me when I got the hiccups in her office. Take a glass (but I suppose a water bottle or anything else filled with a drinkable liquid would work) of water. While watching it, slowly raise it above eye level, bring it down, and take a sip. Repeat this three times, never taking your eyes off the glass. And by golly it works.

2. Why do we get hiccups in the first place? When I eat or drink something too quickly or a certain way, I get a weird feeling and I can tell I'm about to get the hiccups, but why/how do we get them?

3. Can you tell when you're about to get the hiccups?

4. Why does holding your breath until you nearly pass out stop hiccups, albeit unpleasantly?

5. What's your favorite method for getting rid of hiccups?

6. How often do you get the hiccups? I get them 1-5 times a day.
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