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Bob Marley

I know that Jamaica is a primarily homophobic country due to their deep rooted christian beliefs and there are a number of reggae artist from there that are known to have homophobic lyrics.

My question:

Is it known whether or not Bob Marley was homophobic?

Edit: We've established Marley was Rastafarian as opposed to Christian but does Rastafarian mean you aren't homophobic?

Edit 2: I found the following regarding Rastafarianism and Homosexuality:

Homosexuality is seen as sinful and decadent, though in this attitude Rastafarianism is far from unique among Christian sects, and some Rastafarians are indifferent to homosexuality or accept it. Some claim that extra attention may be paid to homophobia in Rastafarianism, however, because persecution of homosexuals is common in Jamaica among Rastas and non-Rastas alike, though no more so than in other Third world countries, or in other religions.

Also, Rastafarianism is a sect of Christianity, according to this site.

source: http://www.nationmaster.com/encyclopedia/Rastafarianism#Homosexuality

My question still stands:

Was Bob Marley homophobic?
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