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1) Why am I suddenly getting loads of spam of a place called focalex? I've had one about plasma tvs, baby clothes, adopting babies and a bunch more which I've deleted. I keep clicking on "report spam" in gmail but it doesn't help because they all come from and "something" is always something different. It says I'm getting it because I signed up at but I had never even heard of that. So did someone use my email address and sign up for it?

2) Why does my back hurt? It just between my shoulders. I can't lift anything heavier than a pen and it's bearable as long as I'm sitting down and leaning. Suprisely it goes away completely if I'm walking but not when I'm standing still.

3) Does anyone else have a vein in the bottom their foot that seems to move about? It's been doing it on and off for about a week and if you look at the bottom of my foot when it's doing it you can see it moving. It doesn't hurt but it's annoying.

4) What can I do not to get a blackout on an exam?

5) Who else uses this social psychology book? We use a translated version but we use the English practice tests.
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