Lynette (lynbug) wrote in thequestionclub,

A few questions I've been pondering

1. Fueled from the "vomit story" posting a few days ago, and from my hangover yesterday, what's the worst hangover you've ever experienced?

1.5 Favourite hangover 'remedy'?

2. If a ring is sized, and SCREWED UP (meaning it's not centred), and they want to bend the same ring again and fix it, does it weaken the band? (yeah, my ring was not sized properly).

3. Did anyone see Jimmy Buffett in concert Monday night?

4. Do you have ragweed allergies? What do you do/take to alleviate the suffering?

1. Yesterday :/ Too many margaritas, not enough water.
1.5 2 glasses of water and an aspirin before bed. Gatorade the next day. (Except, stupid me, I forgot about water before passing out Monday night, and it was SO HOT in my aunt's house, that didn't help)

2. No idea, that's why I'm asking. I was so upset at the situation the lady actually took a brand new ring out of the case and sent THAT to get sized instead of re-sizing the original one. I'm most upset that it takes ANOTHER week, I feel there should be a 'rushing' option since it was their mistake in the first place. Yes, this turned into a personal rant hahaha

3. ME, what a show!

4. Aerius in the morning, a claritin at night.
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