Sarah (abhorred_) wrote in thequestionclub,

so for the last week and a half ive been trying to find someone's livejournal. i'm having trouble finding it and its driving me nuts.

my moms best friend's daughter (sort of like an older sister to me growing up) moved down to texas about a year and a half ago, i accidentally found her lj about six months ago. i added it to my favourites and never commented on it or added her to my journal (to be honest i didn't want her to know i had one). soon after i found it, my computer had a meltdown and i lost the link, and don't remember her username.

on june 5th i found out that heather (lj user i'm trying to find) died suddenly and unexpectedly. I think i'd find a lot of comfort in being able to go back and read about her life down in Texas, as a lot of us lost contact with her when she moved. The only thing I know is that she lived in Houston, Texas. I don't know her aim name or yahoo name or even if she had any of that... obviously i know her first and last name, and i wonder if there's any way at all to find her livejournal by knowing that... or if i were to contact somebody to do that (i'm thinking livejournal admin), who would i contact? I realize there are millions of users on livejournal and this might seem like a petty request when they're so busy but meh... i'm just wondering if they'd even be able to do anything about it.
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