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i finally picked out my outfit for a job interview i have tomorrow, but the skirt i want to wear is knee length and i'm wearing sandals, so no pantyhose. the problem is that my legs are covered with random bruises and a big half dollar-sized scar below my knee from being hit by a car on my bike last october (really gross pictures, if you're interested). i feel SO TOGETHER in the outfit i picked out except that these blemishes on my legs make me feel very unprofessional and like i'm from the wrong side of the tracks or something!

the question is, is it worth it to try and cover them up with make-up for the interview tomorrow, or should i just bare all?

if i get the job, it will probably require that i wear skirts often. i know people cover their blemishes with make-up all the time, but...on their legs? is that normal?
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