Oh, I... oh. I'd better go. (arrngingmatches) wrote in thequestionclub,
Oh, I... oh. I'd better go.

You could actually change my life.

Has anyone found themselves freshly graduated from high school with no plans for the follwing year, be it by lack of planning or by plans falling apart? What did you end up doing?
The latter is my current situation. I applied for a program called City Year that would give me a great expirience while I was deciding what I wanted to do and scholarship money, but I was, to everyone's great surprise (even a good friend who's an alumni of the program), rejected. What's there to do but get a job and plan for the following year? I've heard some suggestions about enrolling in college for the spring, but haven't found any actual information about it. Also, I may be mistaken, but it seems that financial aid options would be more limited if I took that path. If that's right, it probably wouldn't be worth it- financial troubles galore.
Can you give me any advice from expirience, or direct me to something that can explain my options?
Please and thank you.
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