bearsmom (bearsmom) wrote in thequestionclub,

Ok, here's the story: My boss is hardly ever in the office and when she is it is to unload her emails and calls to return on me. It's been about a year and has been progressively getting worse.
I've tried to discuss with her the fact that I am absolutely bogged down with work that is not in my job description, but to no relief. I am paid very poorly considering the education and state licenses I hold, and I receive no benefits whatsoever. This also has been brought up but is non-negotiable.
Last Friday I hit the breaking point. I've been looking for other work for the past week, by the way. I confronted my boss about the workload, and it quickly turned nasty. Basically it came down to this: she signs my checks, so that in-debts me to her.
Today I went in and she said she "didn't need" me today, but I wasn't fired. I don't make enough to live on (alone) and am done with this crap! Do I have to give her two weeks notice? I feel the situation makes it acceptable to walk out, but I'm afraid it will look bad to potential employers. I know she won't give me a good reference anyways because of this.
What do you think? Will the "walk out" be forgiven by potential employers due to the situation?
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