Flavor of Lena (xdronedx) wrote in thequestionclub,
Flavor of Lena

if this isnt allowed here, i'll delete it.

i want to know what are you getting your mom for christmas?

i get her the same shit every year, and i dont know where to go for more ideas, because shes one of those "you dont have to get me anything!" kind of moms. shes a sort of post-hippie. she isnt materialistic (which is why this is so goddamn hard). shes not into clothes or fashion. she isnt into technology. she loves her garden and plants. she loves cats, but already has 5 and doesnt want any more. she likes to bake. shes an assistant principal at a middle school. she loves her huge family who lives far away. she likes to travel.

gifts that have been exhausted in the last few years:

gift certificates for facials/massages
veggie plants
garden supplies
kitchen gadgets/ cooking supplies

shopping online is fantastic, so send me links. no gift certificates. bonus points for suggesting places near st pete/tampa florida.
&my budget is around $100.
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