Víðr (vidr) wrote in thequestionclub,

Why does the radio sound more/less staticy depending on where I'm standing in the room? I'm not talking about a Walkman that I'm wearing, I'm talking about a full stereo system sitting on the floor. For example, if I'm sitting at my desk, all I can hear is static, but if I walk over by the door, suddenly it's perfectly clear. Sometimes it's static if I'm on the left, and then if I stand to the right of the stereo, it's clear. Sometimes I even have to sit right in front of the stereo to make the static stop.

I've experienced this for at least six years, in two different residences (one in a crowded valley, one on top of a hill in the middle of nowhere), with two completely different stereo systems. Doesn't matter the season or the weather.

If it matters, I only listen to the radio between 6 and 11 am (the Howard Stern Show), and it's on the FM dial.

Is there any explanation for this?
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