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finger sized sweatbands??

ok, a couple of months ago i saw a pair of sweatbands that are so popular right now, except they were for the fingers. they were wide enough to cover the first knuckle, and they struck me as perfect for my mom.
i know, that sounds wierd, but she almost died from hypothermia when she was in college, and one of her index fingers gets REALLY cold all by itself during the winter. i thought it would be cool to get her some so that she could warm her index finger even when she's inside and wearing gloves looks wierd.
the only problem is that the ones i saw had "bite me" written on them, and as she's a teacher at an expensive prep school, i didn't think that those would go over too well. so i didn't buy them, but now i can't find anything like them anywhere.
do you know either where i could find them or what i could use as a search word to google them? i've tried: fingercuffs, sweatbands, fingerbands, and a few other. any suggestions? i really want to get her some before the weather gets cold again.
thnx in advance
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