Ciara la Belle (ciara_belle) wrote in thequestionclub,
Ciara la Belle

My mom and brother and I went to see A Little Night Music today and there were people actually dashing out of the theater during the last song. I can understand if you have an emergency, but these people didn't look specificially like there was anything wrong and I see people doing this all the time. For another example:

During my junior year in high school, our football was playing a game against one of our big rivals and there were like 15,000 people packed into our stadium. We ended regulation with a tie and the game eventually went into triple overtime. There were people who left after the third quarter, people who left after the end of regulation, and people who left after the first or second overtime. Didn't they want to see the end of the game? It was exciting! Especially since we ended up winning by one point. ^^

So my questions are:

1) Is this just a Pittsburgh thing? Or are there people in your cities who leave leave anything and everything early to "beat traffic" or whatever?
2) Have you ever left a really exciting game or a play or movie or anything else early just to beat traffic or get home sooner? (Emergencies don't count, because you need to leave then)
3) An outdoor sporting even is one thing, but in the case of a play, doesn't it seem just a little rude to leave during the dramatic conclusion or in the middle of a big number?
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