Jenni (jenni_goes_grrr) wrote in thequestionclub,

Dear Dr.TQC

My left hand is numb.  OK thats a lie.  The left side of my left hand is numb (pinky, ring, middle fingers, and palm)  It feels like i've been laying on it all day and just got up.  Its been doing this off and on for about a month and 1/2.  This is the worst its every been though.

I've diagnosed myself using WebMD, and I believe its because my ganglion cyst is pushing on a nerve.  I've called to make an appt with my doctor, and they have nothing available till Monday

Do I ??????????? (making sure people see my question marks..)
A.  Take the appt for Monday and Suck it up?
B. Call back at 6 am and pray something has opened up for tomorrow?
C. Go to the ER?
D. Amputate...?
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