Kelly (woah_jackson) wrote in thequestionclub,

Photo Scans in Chicago

Google is not helping, and I don't know where else to get feedback on this...

My fiancé's kid brother committed suicide last year after a bout of schizophrenic depression. It's been harder this year than last for my fiancé, and I wanted to give him a photo album about his brother for Christmas. His brother had paranoid schizophrenia, so after about age 11 there are literally a handful of photos of him, at best, since he avoided cameras like the plague. Either way, I went around to all his family members and gathered about 200 - 300 photos of him throughout his life.

The problem lies in the fact that these are literally the only copies of these photos that exist, and I promised to give them back to the family members from which they came. I started scanning the photos to create a CD for reprints, but 1.) my fiancé needs the computer for school and homework, 2.) the scans I'm making are always so damn fuzzy with dust and shit, and 3.) it's very time consuming.

Are there any quality photo scanning services in the Chicago, IL area (Northwest suburbs if possible)? I know there are a ton in CA and whatnot, but since these are the only copies of photos of his brother, I don't feel comfortable mailing them across the country. Ideally I'm looking for a place that I can personally deliver and pick up the photos as well as a CD of scans that I can reprint for photo-album purposes. Any suggestions would be really awesome.

Short and sweet: Are there any quality photo scanning services in the Chicago, IL area (Northwest suburbs if possible) to which I can give 200 - 300 photos and get a CD of scans for reprints for a Christmas present?

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