I never know what to put here (sentimentation) wrote in thequestionclub,
I never know what to put here

Do you have a picture, macro, or other kind of image on your computer that you'd like to share with TQC? Please do.

Whenever I try to insert clip art into a Word document, it always ends up in hilarious places...see also:

I did NOT put the clip art of the cat on top of the bread, I swear. I was playing around with clip art (since I can't write papers without playing around with everything in the world) and put in the bread, then the cat, and this is how they came up.

(I had that set as my profile picture on facebook for a while, and one of the guys in that class with me commented with "yeah, that's what my paper on neitzsche looked like too.")

Question Two:
Will I survive until next Friday on ZERO cans of Dr Pepper? I can get it in little bottles from the c-store on campus, but I much prefer it in cans. :/ It's going to be tough.
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