Blue Eyed Devil (uberfenn) wrote in thequestionclub,
Blue Eyed Devil

my gum over my bottom right wisdom tooth is all inflammed and sore. i know its cos the tooth is coming through but its a pain in the ass. i can hardly eat cos the tooth above has come through so when i chew it jabs the gum and hurts alot. ive been doing salt water rinses, and i have bonjella which ive been putting on it. its been flaring up on and off for a couple of months so i need to do something about it. i am shit scared of the dentist, plus he is rather expensive and really far away and i dont want to get the tooth out as its not utter agony, or keeping me awake, its really only causing problems when i eat. do you think the doctor would be able to give me anything for it?

*edit* crap....thats what i thought :(
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