wannabe rockstar (rotf_lmao) wrote in thequestionclub,
wannabe rockstar

OK, so I'm home sick from work today. And for dinner, I'm craving some homestyle potato wedges, baked in the oven. I have potatoes (score!) but I just realized that I am out of cooking oil, which I normally use to lightly grease the baking sheet so that the wedges will not stick.

I recently bought a kickass non-stick baking sheet, though, that NOTHING seems to stick to. Would it be idiotic of me to just throw the wedges on that to bake sans cooking oil, or do you think they would stick? I can't see that happening, but who knows.

Or should I line the baking sheet with tinfoil? I'm just worried that the wedges would stick to the foil worse than they would to the bare surface of the baking sheet.

I *really* do not want to have to go to the damn grocery store just to buy a measly bottle of cooking oil. Help a craving chick out, TQC!
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